Food industry & Trade

We operate focussing on interpersonal communication, high standards, undiminished quality and two-way trust.

Choosing our services, we promise that we will manage your catering, strictly adhering to the specifications and deadlines given, with precision, efficiency and professionalism.

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Trade, Storage & Distribution of Foods

We provide food storage and distribution services in ambient, refrigeration or freezing conditions.

Our services include:

  • Receipt and weighing of food
  • Food storage
  • Standardization & repackaging
  • Distribution (dry or cold load)

Always at SALAS International Group S.A.:

  • We guarantee the best quality of our raw materials
  • We have a great variety at competitive prices
  • We provide excellent conditions for storage, transport and distribution of products
Catering industry
We fully understand the growing demands of mass catering and catering-supplying, both in private and public sectors. For this reason, our experienced chefs and specialized partners can create and provide special menus for every occasion based on the seasonality and quality of the raw materials. In our facilities we prepare fresh meals according to the requirements, criteria and conditions that you set.
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Retail Chain

Spitiki Kouzina is currently in its 15th year of operation. It started as the most innovative program in collaboration with municipalities in Greece, and gradually began to expand autonomously and independently. Aims to improve the quality of life of people by providing daily freshly cooked food. The flavors are coming from authentic recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, as suggesting by Greek housewives over the years. The raw materials used are selected in collaboration with the best partners in Greece. The basic key of success of the Homemade Cuisine is the ideal combination of quality and price. It already operates successfully in 40 locations in Attica via franchise and serves thousands of people daily. 

Spitiki Kouzina has won the Greek public and along with it, two awards at the ESTIA AWARDS 2021:
Gold - Best in Casual Dining  / Silver - Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
At SALAS International Group SA we know that we may help address social, environmental and ethical issues.

We believe that excellent service and open communication can make a difference both personally and socially. Our capable and specialized team of partners creates daily lunch habits with you, support sporting events and athletes, feeds thousands of students, patients, military personnel, and vulnerable social groups, consistently and responsibly.

That is why we co-operate with catering experts as well as great professionals from all walks of life in order to ensure that the decisions we make are crucial and making the difference - essentially and over the time. At the core of our activities is the “human” and our goal is to improve his quality of life.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is the ethical compass that leads to charting our future


We respect the environment and constantly study on how to manage our available resources more carefully, while providing the highest levels of security. We are getting informed on how to receive and offer supplies responsibly, so that we may contribute to the significant reduction of pollutants.

SALAS International Group SA complies with the standard environmental commitments required by the law.
We cultivate a new way of thinking and constantly inform our team, partners and customers about the importance of our moral and social responsibilities to the Environment. We post signs and messages about the Environmental Awareness and Awakening staff in all our building areas (Greek, English, Arabic). We think Green with:

  • Appropriate Staff Training
  • Natural gas
  • Led Lighting
  • Signs with emphasis on Environmental Protection
  • Recycling
  • Legal Deposit of non-useful materials and equipment


As an exemplary corporate citizen, it is our duty to implement and support actions social responsibility. We actively participate by providing material assistance where there is a need and we support our families and fellow human beings with continuous and intense voluntary action.

We strongly believe that the major issue of humanitarian crisis must be dealt with a cooperative and multifaceted manner.

As a part of our social policy, we create formal and informal solidarity networks in order to provide food and other goods and services to our fellow citizens who are facing difficulties.

We offer the necessary material goods that ensure the survival of communities and people, regardless of geographical area.

We ensure that we will create sustainable and long-term benefits for the wider society, through our social contribution


As a human-centered business, it is very important for us to have a strategy of diversification and inclusion, allowing everyone in our extended family to be treated with the same criteria and to have equal opportunities to advanced careers.

Equality in the workplace means that all workers have access to equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, medical history, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

We wish to create and encourage a capable team of partners that reflects to the diversity of consumers and customers we serve. We are committed to create a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for the quality of social life of all employees within the company.

At the same time, we respect and prioritize the needs of our fellow human beings, as partners and as customers, and our concern is our products and services to be easily accessible to all.


Healthy eating becomes increasingly important for all ages. This is something we understand clearly so we take an active role in creating healthier food for a healthier life.

Encouraging healthy eating habits to children and young people, contribute to the proper development and it is an investment in their health and their future.

To ensure a balanced diet, it is important that daily meals includes a variety of foods, which minimizes the possibility of significant nutrient deficiencies.

We recognize that offering healthy and nutritious meals made from fine ingredients, we help our employees and customers to adopt a more balanced lifestyle by promoting the "Good Nutrition, Good Living" initiative.