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We are a global company which produce food kits, hygiene kits, shelter kits, educational kits and more. Over 30 years of experience have taught us to offer a variety of solutions to all of our clients. Focused on innovation, consistency and quality, we offer high-quality products.

Our experience and work over the years with Governments, European Union and Humanitarian Aid Organizations has taught us the significance of our role in the supply chain. We commit to offer dignity and relief to those who need it the most.

SALAS International Group S.A. is the company that has undertaken the EU’s humanitarian operational programs for Food and Basic Material Assistance Supplies, as developed and assigned by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD). Our company has been commended by EU officials for the management of these programs and we have been characterised as the best EU company in the field of kitting and distribution of humanitarian assistance, since we operate always on time and efficiently with respect to the beneficiaries.

  1. Providing advisory services, experience and know-how to States which want to upgrade their services so as to deal with a humanitarian crisis and to improve the way they offer humanitarian aid to the vulnerable groups.
  2. Specialization in preparation of food kits, hygiene kits, education kits and shelter kits for NGOs, international organisations (EU, UN, etc) or local governments. We tailor solutions that aim to relieve the weak social groups, based on their needs.
  3. Undertaking the entire management and consulting (from A to Z) to offer complete solutions for private and multinational companies, charity foundations, and of course individuals who desire to provide humanitarian aid.

Hygiene kits

Maintaining fundamental hygiene standards is one of the key components of any humanitarian disaster to prevent diseases. SALAS International Group S.A creates and provides a variety of hygiene kits based on the exact requirements of our customers. Icons that correspond to the receiving population's language are used to convey usage instructions.

It's crucial to maintain hygienic standards inside the families. The kits have all the components required for personal and home hygiene and have been modified to UN standards. Each of the components is marked with an icon code that indicates its proper application.

SALAS International Group S.A.

Food kits

In situations of displacement and of minimum resources, access to food becomes a serious issue. We commit to offer dignity and relief to those who need it the most. We can analyze their needs and create together the appropriate kits. Our company’s specialist nutritionists can advise you on the contents of food kits. We can create special packages for a specific number of people, specific time periods and depending on whether there is access to kitchen facilities or not.

Shelter kits

We have provided temporary housing solutions to governments and humanitarian aid organizations for many years, always in accordance with the norms of United Nations and major humanitarian agencies and institutions.

When an emergency situation occurs, people should be protected and feel safe. This is what we care for, by providing different shelter solutions.

Education kits

The only path forward for a community affected by a humanitarian disaster is via education. Appropriate learning supplies for children and adolescents help to fulfill their right to education and equip them for the future.

Humanitarian Μedical Αid kits were created to meet first aid needs.

• Humanitarian Medical Aid kit: includes first aid supplies
• Humanitarian Medical Aid kit - IFAK: developed for the immediate treatment of combat wounds
• Humanitarian Medical Aid Diagnostic kit: the necessary devices are available for various rapid diagnostic tests, with the aim of early, easy and safe diagnosis of possible health problems.

Food Waste on Humanitarian Aid - Experts in anti-food waste methods

Companies and individuals may attempt to assist those in need but fail because they lack the proper knowledge. They want to provide assistance but due to the lack of knowledge about the survival conditions of the affected people (e.g. access to kitchen facilities and equipment), this aid cannot be utilized to the fullest and many times it becomes a waste of food.

Our business focuses on reducing food waste in the humanitarian aid sector by putting procedures in place and advocating for them. By doing this, the aid recipients receive the most benefit and the food does not end up in the garbage.

Environmental policy

We work with care for the environment and adopt strategies to limit food waste and our environmental footprint. We opt to use recyclable packaging because it is the most eco-friendly.

We are dedicated to making a difference for both people and the environment. All of the plastics we use are made from recycled or renewable resources.

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